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  • Hello,
    I have a newbie question on nodebb. I understand the recommended 'database' for nodebb is redis and nothing else. From what I've read on redis, it stores all the data in memory.
    Let's say I have a 512mb ram server, if I get too many posts, does it crash because it needs to keep all posts in ram?
    Thanks for your time 🙂

  • Hi @svetlana, actually the recommended db is mongodb, redis just works more out of the box for sandboxing.

  • Oh ok, I guess sandboxing means for quick testing? Like it's not recommnded to use a real forum with just redis. OK thanks

    Another question - let's say i set up a server and it has nodebb+nodejs+redis+mongodb...

    and i make backups of only mongodb...

    and the server crashes and i lose everything (but i still have my backup)...

    can i set up a new server and install nodebb+nodejs+redis+mongodb... but this time maybe they have a new version of nodebb out, or something like v1.2...and then I run some utility to repopulate mongodb with my old data.....

    will my new server work? what is the recommended way of doing things? because im a newbie and im sure i will be breaking things probably 😞 i already broke it twice today

  • @svetlana Yes, sandboxing is quick testing. And yes, you have it right, If you keep regular backups of mongo in that setup, you'll be fine (along with saving copy of your config, to be complete).

    If you want to really be good at deploying and upgrades, then at the bare minimum you should know how git works, how to change node versions, and how to set up / back up mongo. Everything else has pretty much been scripted out. Most of this stuff is either in the wiki or on this forum, you just have to look a little 😉

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