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    I was using mybb and they had this option to add a custom field to the inscription process and option to display it on their profile page

    e.g : a question What games do you play? + checkboxes to choose from.

  • Looking for Custom Forms

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    Ahh dang, would definitely be a nice feature! I've resorted to making a quick and dirty plugin that will add new fields in the composer.tpl file.

    Would be nice to one day have this plugin up and running to make my forms much more flexible!

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    @xanthos84 I do some custom plugin work.

    You can email your project specifications and budget to [email protected]

  • Req: Custom like buttons

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    Would be nice to have a plugin where we can set interactive like buttons, say use a set of emoji as like buttons, similar to the discourse-retort plugin or set a clickable text button, like the"thank" or the "offtopic" buttons in vanilla forum.

    I have read the guidelines on how to make a plugin, but im an amateur. Making this plugin alone seems like a long shot. Willing to work along with someone.

  • Custom Emoji Plugin

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    (Sorry for English)

    A plugin that can let users to add emoji and create cheat sheet themselves.

    some advantages:

    Make your forum unique, you can use the emoji that other nodeBB users don't have.

    Close to your forum's theme (gaming, sport ...etc.)

    **Select instead of upload **
    Sometime when you are writing guides, you need to upload a lot of images Like the picture below
    It's convenient to add those commonly used icon into emoji.