Google AdSense Plugin issues ?

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  • Hello,

    I think this support category in NodeBB's community forum will became the most important in my life šŸ™‚ I have few other issues with my current installation - but I will do "1 step at a time". Apparently I am struggling with few modules/plugins, however the most important one that isn't working good for me is Google Adsense (tried both versions - avail trough Install Plugins section). What I have:

    • Google AdSense Profile
    • Activated Ad (which is done by following the readme/rules from the plugin - e.g. options, stlyes, etc)
    • Having my pub-XXXXXXX ID / First post slot / Footer slot / blah-blha

    What isn't working:

    • The first thing I've noticed when I've installed the plugin is even i mark it on the menu Plugins > Google Adsense, nothin happned. You can clearly see when I hit the Google AdSense plugin it does not redirects me to the page with Google AdSense options (so I have to go the address bar line and hit enter to get into Plugin's options.


    • Even when I've created the campaign, got the app details like ID, pubID and stuff like that - they didn't make any difference when I entered them into the AdSense plugin


    • The "funniest" thing around is when I hit "inspect element" on the current webpage the result was..."oh, ok it's there, but it isn't showed"...Why ? What I'm missing ?


    I would be more than happy if someone could assist me with this issue.

    Thanks in advance!

    NodeBB FAN from BG šŸ™‚

  • It was already reported to not working.

    I have checked your forum and in the source code there is no Google AdSense script.

  • So no solution for now or there will be no solution at all ?

  • It depends. As you know Google needs to send bots. It takes some time for ads to start showing.


    How do I know I have the proper configuration when google bots come ? I want to have Google AdSense integrated with my forum ;-(

  • You can post your issue here:

    But I would wait for more replies before reporting a bug.

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