Truly private categories

  • I would like to restrict a category to a set of users such that anyone else visiting the home page can't even see that the category exists. It should only show up for members of the group with read/write permission. Is that possible?

  • That's the way it works right now. If you set a category to be only readable by admins, registered users won't see the category on the home page.

  • @baris

    Cloud a private category of this sort be used to create a Draft category that will contain yet to be published posts, so when they are ready to be published, the admin or whoever can just select the appropriate category.

    But that will have to mean implementing a Post New Topic button on every page with a combo menu of categories along with it. Does that make sense?

    Short of that, perhaps we need a draft button between the Discard and Submit buttons.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Saving of drafts, I think might be a bit overkill, but I'm looking to implement ad-hoc saving of post content, so if you accidentally close the browser or navigate away, NodeBB will remember your post content.

  • @julian @baris,

    Uh oh! If that's how it's supposed to work then why is mine different?
    When I register, I can see all the categories even if I don't have permission to enter them. When I click on one, I get redirected to /403.

    How do I fix this!?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Could be your NodeBB is out of date? When did you last pull?

  • @julian A few weeks ago...was this feature added between then and now?

  • @aaron if you're on 3.x

    forever stop app.js
    git pull
    ./nodebb upgrade
    forever start app.js

    the wiki has steps to backup data in case something happens. I like to live dangerously 🙂

  • Are you sure this feature was only added within the last few weeks? If not, that won't solve my problem.


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Yep, added within the last few weeks.

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