Is it possible to add extended fields to the post composer without replacing the composer?

NodeBB Plugins
  • Is there any built in extensibility to the NodeBB composer that would allow you to submit additional data along with a submitted topic or post?

    So for example, say you want the users to submit some data to describe their post in a way that is useful for your system, is there a built in extension point that would allow you to add a field (text, select, whatever) to the composer and have that data stored alongside the post?

    I was able to achieve something like this by hacking the extended data by using tags that are automatically created when the user fills in my custom fields. It works for this scenario, but it would be great if there was a better way to do this.

    In addition to being able to add custom data to posts, it would be great if you could specify that the custom extended fields only apply to some categories in your system.

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