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  • Hello,

    I have enabled the following option in the email settings: "Disable subscriber notification emails" but i am still receiving emails when someone replies to a topic. I am using this in conjunction with the category subscriber plugin (so that i can get emails when a new topic is created) so i currently receive two emails (since there is no option in the plugin to just subscribe to new topics - it also emails on topic reply). I also disabled "Send an email when replies are made to topics I am subscribed to" in the user settings (admin page) but still get emails from the sustem on a topic reply.


  • I don't believe the category notifications plugin listens for that admin option, so that may explain why those emails still get sent out even if it is toggled disabled.

  • @julian Hi, sorry - what i meant is that the systems email notification are not disabled when i enable that option in the admin options. I didnt want both email notifications so i tried to disable nodebb's but it still sends it.. I ended up going another route - i edited the plugins code to not listen to the topic replies hook and just to listen to new topics. I just thought it was strange that even though it was disabled in nodebb, nodebb was still sending the email.

    Or did you mean that since i installed the category notification plugin then the option in the admin panel will not work even for system email notifications?


  • The switch is not working for me.

    I am just using the standard NodeBB forum features, no crazy plugins that are meant to affect the notifications. The switch does not work, and digests are going out...

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