Problem with upload image

  • Hi all and happy new year 😄
    I have a problem with my nodebb install...
    When i want to upload image on a post, i see the progress bar and have this message "Connection [MyForum] has been lost, attempting to reconnect"

    My configuration :
    NodeBB 0.9.3
    Settings ok to upload images
    Upload image on profil works
    Redactor plugin 1.3.6

    Without redactor, it's ok => problem with the redactor plugin? or maybe settings?

  • I see on the log before the error message and crash forum "undefined undefined"... maybe an error with the path or other settings on the plugin

    I try to modify the upload path on the plugin source (static/lib/redactor.core.js : /api/post/upload) and reload the forum
    Like this, no error message but no upload of my image...

    If you have an idea...

  • mhhh it seems that it is not related to redactor
    i try without and... in fact, no upload and i have the same error

    however, little png files are ok (with and without redactor)
    maybe a problem with the size or extension of my file (2,8Mo / jpg)

  • okay, just a problem with the format : i convert my jpg on png and all is ok (with or without redactor)

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