Selecting Custom Theme in Heroku

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  • I've created a custom theme and have added it to the node_modules of my nodeBB project. I've then added a line to .gitignore such that the theme is added to my git repository. I have then pushed the code to Heroku but can't get the theme to select.

    I go to Admin > Appearance > Themes and there I can see my new theme. I click Select Theme then go to Dashboard and hit Restart to restart NodeBB as requested.

    After this happens, I go back to Admin > Appearance > Themes but the default Persona theme is still set.

    I've tried running a bash shell on Heroku but ./nodebb restart tells me that

    "NodeBB could not be restarted, as a running instance could not be found."

    This is likely to do with the way Heroku manages processes.

    I saw this thread about the same issue but the OP seemed to have given up and moved to a different hosting solution:

  • Or perhaps there is some way to specify which theme to use when starting the NodeBB server? I can't see a way to do this in the config.json file. Can it be changed on the command line? I'm starting it on Heroku by just running the app.js:

    node app.js

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