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    I dropped all dbs (nodebb, local, config) and the ran mongorestore dump/ and it restored without warning or errors, but I still have issue.

    Also when I restart mongod, it fails now and it cannot connect to database. I think I should re-install it because I did not find a solution to fix it (database not running now).

    My question: would it work if beside restoring by mongorestore, I copy all files of /var/lib/mongod/ from old server to new one?

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    @mana looking back at your original question, I think you're misunderstanding how that header works.

    Your browser is refusing to load the mp4 file because the source site ( doesn't have a permissive Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. I don't think it has anything to do with your forum's ACAO header.

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    @PitaJ oh im so sorry. i thought this is also a node forum. Excuse me, but thanks for the help.

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    @psychobunny Thanks a lot for the info. I will take a look.