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  • Mobile app developer

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    Hi everyone. I want to start working in IT. A friend works as a mobile app developer and invites me to work with him. Are there any experienced developers here? Can you please advise whether it is worth starting it? If you were in my shoes, which IT direction would you choose?

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    Looking forward to when we can have a "Make Forum Private" option that sets all permissions on all forums automatically so that you don't have to go about changing each one.

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    Yeah, I am at a loss at this point. When you run the repolist command I am not seeing it show the EPEL repository, yet when you try to install it it says you already have it.

    This isn't really a NodeBB problem though, so we can't really blame the NodeBB script for it. It's almost like Yum itself is messed up. You might be able to get extra help from the CentOS community though, or if someone else here is more of a CentOS expert?

  • nodebb on android?

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    @julian i agree with you, its so sluggish when i wrap-it to become android app.
    thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it

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    My website is developed using node.js as an express app. Could someone give me any pointers on how I could use NodeBB's user signup / auth system / user session in my express app too?

    Is it possible to hook into the NodeBB app so it and my website app run in the same node process and share user session that way? Or would it be better to separate the node processes and communicate user info another way?