• A user mentioned he's not receiving daily digest. I use Mandrill as the emailer and notifications are being sent through but I don't see any digests being sent.

    All I can find in the log is the following. I don't know if the last two are relevant.

    3/12 02:27 [332] - info: NodeBB Ready
    3/12 02:27 [332] - info: NodeBB is now listening on:
    3/12 17:00 [332] - info: [user/jobs] Digest (day) scheduling completed.
    4/12 17:00 [332] - info: [user/jobs] Digest (day) scheduling completed.
    5/12 17:00 [332] - info: [user/jobs] Digest (day) scheduling completed.
    5/12 17:49 [332] - warn: Flooding detected! Calls : 101, Duration : 3839
    5/12 17:49 [332] - warn: [socket.io] Too many emits! Disconnecting uid : 8. Events : topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead,topics.loadMore,topics.markAsRead

    How can I best debug this?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Does the user have digests enabled for his account? They can be disabled on a per-account basis.

  • Yes, as do I.

  • @julian how would you advise debugging this? The default logs on this are not very verbose.

  • @julian I think I might be misunderstanding digest. They only are sent on subscribe topics & notifications, is that right?

    So they're not used to get a weekly email on all new & updated topics.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @ferik Yes that is correct. Only topics you follow are added to the digest (basically, whatever shows up in your unread, as far as I know).

  • @julian At what time are the daily digests sent?

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