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  • Is it possible to install NodeBB without SSH and install it on shared hosting instead where SSH is not accessible?

  • @Archeon No it's not posible. You have to run npm install command from terminal, so you must have access to terminal.

  • Will there ever be a possibility to install it like that, kind of like Xenforo setup? I would really like this in the future.

  • Given the nature of NodeBB as a Node.js app, we'll have to rely on hosting providers to step up and provide first-class Node.js support for their customers.

    It's not there yet, but it's only a matter of time 🙂

  • I'm really hoping that one day this can be possible. I'm sitting on a SMF forum with PHP, Java, JQuery and MySQL and I would love to start learning Node.JS and developing the site around Node.JS.

  • @GreenKi said:

    I'm sitting on a SMF forum with PHP, Java, JQuery and MySQL.

    As was I. Then I found out that chair only had 3 wonky legs, so I bought a leather sofa. Digital Ocean starts at $5 a month and is plenty for most forums. Plus there's an exporter for posts and topics.

  • @Archeon just out of genuine curiosity but, how do you intend to (re)start and debug without access to the command line? Also installing it in the first place would pose a problem, tweaking and fixing packages would be although - arguably, one can do that locally as well. Somehow I get the impression you don't rely on the cli much in your desktop/laptop/development environment. Although theoretically, you'd be able to install a few things without cli and manage instances (e.g. for mongo, some redis host), the instances I had to debug/fix some plugin or other failure (since that is what Node does best, crash often and hard) far, far exceed any where I could deal with a plain NodeBB admin reload/restart (usually those are just configuration changes). I'm having a hard time imagining a pure GUI-based way, at least the foreseeable future anyway, which is not to say it is impossible 🙂

  • @supersym Good point there, just, I don't know how Xenforo does it 😛

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    Thanks for the amazing forum platform.

    I am currently working on the Laravel website with forum as a part of the website, and I have chosen nodebb as forum platform. I am really new to SSO, and I don’t have much knowledge about node.js, and even mongo database. And I am not English, so if there is anything I am not really explaining well, please let me know.

    Firstly, I am not sure what I want to achieve is possible. Ideally, after Laravel website (localhost:8000) user login, then clicked the forum link (nodebb – localhost:4567), then nodebb could login the Laravel user without login confirmation. The situation sounds like, I have already login with google account, when I try to login, nodebb community won’t ask me the login confirmation to login. I am not sure whether it is able to achieve, because it means a website user try to login another website without providing any information, even a token.

    Secondly, in another case, it could be that a Laravel user login nodebb forum, and give auth to nodebb forum, then the user can login nodebb forum with Laravel user details. I have done a bit of research online, I think that I should expose my nodebb application to OAuth2orize ( I have installed the OAuth2orize by running npm install oauth2orize, but after that I don’t know what else I should do, it said to create a OAuth server, but I have no idea where I should create this server, or where I could register grants, and do I need to do anything with Laravel site?

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    @alexsir Yep, I guess that's the port NodeBB is configured to listen on my default. At the end of that guide, there's a link to another guide that explains how to configure nginx as a proxy - which would allow you to either configure a domain to point to your NodeBB process, and/or omit the port from the URL.

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    v1.6.1 is the latest.

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    You are the man that did it.
    And thank you for the github refresher I will make sure to make notations for future updates..

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    My website is developed using node.js as an express app. Could someone give me any pointers on how I could use NodeBB's user signup / auth system / user session in my express app too?

    Is it possible to hook into the NodeBB app so it and my website app run in the same node process and share user session that way? Or would it be better to separate the node processes and communicate user info another way?