• I was wanting to get emails for new topics in categories... not replies to topics. I would like certain users (lets call them category admins) to receive emails when a user posts a new topic in their category..

    So for instance we have category Products:

    • Products
      • Product A
      • Product B

    What i was after is that as soon as a topic is posted in on of those sub categories the category admin gets an email - since they will not always have the site open.


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  • Thats the plugin i tried at first but it doesnt seem to work with the latest nodebb.. When this plugin is enabled and you go to a category the loading bar gets stuck (the forum still works though). I left comment on github for the author. Thanks

  • If anyone else is wondering.. I fixed this by modifying the following file:


    I changed:

    var cid = ajaxify.variables.get('category_id');


    var cid = ajaxify.data.cid;
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    @whitts Thanks for figuring that out, I applied the fix and published 1.0.6.

  • @baris Hello, could there be an issue with this plugin in the following scenario:

    User follows a category, user posts, user changes username, another user replies to the post?

    I tried this and nodebb crashes each time, i had to log in with the user that changed the name, unwatch the category and then nodebb stopped crashing..


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    Please post the stack trace when you get a crash.

  • @baris Thanks baris, i will see if i can get a dev server setup to test it since i removed the option for username changes.

    On a sidenote, is there a way to disable emails for post replies? Since if the user is both subscribed and watching a topic they will get two emails, one from this plugin and one from the system. I tried enabling the "Disable subscriber notification emails" option at the bottom of the nodebb email settings but i still get two emails.

  • @baris Hello wasnt sure whether to start a new topic or not but i couldnt find the main topic for this plugin.. Is there a way to force a user to watch a category? I am using this as an internal company forum and need people to keep receiving emails for new topics (whether they like it or not)... and from what i can tell people have found out how to unsubscribe pretty quickly.


  • I just wanted to add that in order to use the plugin, you must on your site include a <div> or <span> with component="category/controls" (it may be empty). As you can see in the public/scrips/client.js, it's looking for that element and adding the button into it, along with its functionality.
    Hope that helps and saves people some time!

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