Gives Error while Moving more than two posts from same topic.

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    Steps to reproduce:
    I tried to move more than one post from one topic to another topic it gives an error "cant-move-to-same-topic". But also shows success message "Post Moved!"
    Also "cid:{cid}:tids:posts" key is not updating.
    Please refer attached screenshot:

    Is there any idea why these errors getting?

    Any help is appreciated!!
    0_1446478422979_Screenshot from 2015-11-02 20:59:19.png

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    Did you mean fork? There is no mass move of posts yet.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    No. not fork, I am trying to move single post from one topic to another.

    1. Login as site Admin.
    2. Move post from one topic to another.
    3. Move another post from that topic to another.

    Then it gives an error "cant-move-to-same-topic".

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    1. When POST gets moved to topic of another category , Reply count on CATEGORIES page remains same.

    2. When POST gets moved to another topic count does not get incremented/decremented but it does after page refresh.1_1446536330730_Topic_details_page.png 0_1446536330729_category_page.png

    POSTS count of "Welcome to your NodeBB!" topic is "3" POSTS, But on the Category page it "General Discussion" category has "1" POSTS. It should be 3 POSTS.

    Please refer the attached screenshot:

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    Fixed the category post count bug.

    But I couldn't reproduce the cant-move-to-same-topic error. Are you on master or 0.8.2?

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    Yes, I get these issues in 0.8.2.

    1. If POSTS gets moved from one topic to another the POSTS count on the that topic page remains same. POST COUNT should decrements but It shows decremented count after page refresh.
    2. Steps to reproduce cant-move-to-same-topic error:
    • Create 'new TOPIC'.

    • Create 'another TOPIC' and create more than 2 REPLY to that topic.

    • Move one REPLY to new TOPIC.

    • Move second REPLY to new TOPIC.

    cant-move-to-same-topic error will occur.

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