[nodebb-plugin-write-api] Updating Post using PUT not functionning

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    Hello guys,
    I'm getting an error when I try to update a Post in a Topic with the write-api plugin, using the following CURL command in a terminal :

    curl -X PUT --insecure -v -H "Authorization: Bearer MASTER_TOKEN" --data "pid=47&content=NewContent&_uid=1" https://xxxxxxxx.nodebb.com/api/v1/topics/23

    Just in case you ask :

    • the topic id 23 does exist.
    • the post id 47 does exist and is in the topic 23
      and I get the following :
      {"code":"not-found","message":"Invalid API call","params":{}}

    To verify my curl command when I try something else like updating a Category, it works.

    curl -X PUT --insecure -v -H "Authorization: Bearer MASTER_TOKEN" --data "name=TestCategorie&bgColor=blue&_uid=1" https://xxxxxxxx.nodebb.com/api/v1/categories/10

    I think that there's a mistake somewhere, probably in the post id, but I'm sure that the id number is good..
    Do you have any other idea ?
    Thank you

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    v3.2.1 of the write-api fixes this issue, although executing this route will cause NodeBB to crash unless you are on core commit 098111ba5b9ef820b900bc3c6912deed0ca2f9ec or higher.

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    Hello Julian. Thank you for your very useful answer.
    The plugin was an old version.
    I just did uninstall then reinstall the last nodebb-api-write plugin (version 3.1.5) on our instance, but now I get the following error :
    /admin/plugins/write-api Introuvable (not found)

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