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    popular posts in our forum are usually long posts, therefore for post lists we use this CSS customization:

    .posts-list .posts-list-item .content { overflow: auto; max-height: 480px; }

    so, people can go through all the posts with scrolling without changing the page or going to the related topics... feel free to change the post height as you like.

    Thanks @phenomlab for this CSS codes and thanks again @baris for the plugin.

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    These are all possible already with markdown, do you mean they should be added to the editor toolbar in the composer?

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    Hello, I would like to suggest a feature to avoid spam bots that is like the yahoo groups feature, a text box that the new user would ask with his own words for admins when registering, admin gets notified maybe via email as well, and then when the registration is authorized, the user gets notified via email.

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    Some kind of paging function would also be good for mobile devices where RAM is frequently at a high premium.

    NodeBB causes not-infrequent browser crashes on my iPad2 on longer threads. When I click a link that takes me to the 60th post in a thread or something, there is a long delay as the slower browser begins by loading the op oldest posts in batches. It would be good if there were a way to make it skip doing that and take me directly to the unread posts (without switching the full application to paged mode).

    Perhaps on mobile devices you could add a secondary navigation bar with the paging functions (arrows, "displaying X-Y of Z", etc).

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    haha I think, just put all your comments in one place and we can try implementing them for the next theme. I really have a ridiculous habit of creating stuff and then dropping them later (ADHD when it comes to themes and plugins), so yeah. If you want, submit a PR for lavender 😛

    Just made this thread - let me know any ideas/suggestions 😉