Solved Chat on mobile not refreshing sent messages

  • When chatting i can write a message propperly but when hitting submit, it correctly get sent, but its not displayed on my screen, so the other user receive my message but i can not see it on the conversation.

    If i close the chat window and reopen it or navigate to other page and navigate back to chat conversation, the message is correctly updated.

  • Seems like a socket issue, are you running behind something like Cloudflare?

    Edit: @psychobunny hit me on the head if I'm wrong!

  • @Kowlin i'm experiencing this issue on this site. So i'm not aware os configuration details. Thats why i thought it was a real bug.

    I'm on android 5.1.1 nexus 4.

  • Seems to work fine for me, Nexus 5 Android 6.0. Chrome, didn't test it on Firefox since it logged me out and I should be working

  • It was a cache issue. Clearing the cache solved the problem. Sorry for yhe false positive.

    Thanks for your replies and attentio .


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