• Okay, after a long battle in this thread with my server where Apache seemed to be causing all sorts of untold trouble, I eventually fixed things by switching to Nginx.

    One side effect seems to be the font size. It has gone up, to 20px.
    I only have added a small snippet of custom CSS to lower the size a little to 18px (and add a font). But I was wondering if anyone knew how this could happen?

    I have since updated Persona to the latest version on Github but the issue remains. It doesn't affect the Lavender theme.

  • NodeBB Admin

    I am guessing you are not using the default composer and markdown?

  • Redactor-composer & markdown is off. Which was the case before the server problems. The issue arose when I switched from apache to nginx

  • NodeBB Admin

    When markdown is enabled those descriptions are parsed as markdown and placed in a <p> tag so they get different styling. You can just reduce the font size from custom CSS tab in acp.

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