Issues Switching Themes

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  • I just created a new nodebb site and I'm having issues switching themes. When I select a new theme, it asks me to restart nodebb. After I restart, the original theme (persona) is still selected and nothing changes on forum.

    I've checked for caching, can't find anything that would cause this. I've tried restarting via the button in the admin dashboard as well as restarting the actual node process.

    Some details: I'm running nodebb via pm2 behind nginx. I've tried restarting the whole stack, nothing seems to work.

    Also tried actually deleting persona, but that just broke the nodebb instance all together so I reinstalled it via npm.

    I'm sure it's something super simple. What am I missing?

  • Still exploring this, but I discovered that it seems to have been somehow related to nodebb-plugin-composer-redactor. I disabled that and went back to the default composer and was able to switch. Then I re-enabled redactor and the new theme stuck.

  • Interesting. I've had this issue a few weeks ago but I didn't have redactor installed either. I have no idea what I did to fix it, and the others couldn't reproduce. I'll have to wait until it crops up again, but the fact that a plugin might have interfered is a good hint, thanks!

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