Importing a phpBB3 forum - starting over, looking at logs and finding errors?

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  • Hi.

    With nodeBB happily running after a rocky start, I've started to look at importing a dump of my current phpBB3 forum. Everything points to nodebb-plugin-import and I've started initial testing with this. Took a few tries to iron out access to the temporary MySQL db I set up for the old forum (new hosting) and so on but that seems to work as I see the script read stuff from MySQL.

    At the import frontend the "Flush" option doesn't seem to nuke the exiting data in Redis but instead tries to import over what's already there. Is this intentional? How do I best properly nuke state so I can do a fresh import? flushdb/all in Redis works, I guess, but seems a bit excessive and I don't know if any intermediary state is lingering outside Redis.

    nodeBB v0.8.2 complains that import and import-phpbb aren't suitable for this version:

    28/9 13:37 [12773] - warn: [plugins/load] The following plugins may not be compatible with your version of NodeBB. This may cause unintended behaviour or crashing. In the event of an unresponsive NodeBB caused by this plugin, run `./nodebb reset -p PLUGINNAME` to disable it.
     * nodebb-plugin-import
     * nodebb-plugin-import-phpbb

    This something I can do anything about? Installed via npm.

    The import reports an error early in the import but I can't see what actually fails. The frontend bugs out from time to time and simply stops and sometimes blanks out. The log isn't very informative:

    controller.config,[object Object]
    controller.state,[object Object]
    exporter.log,installing: nodebb-plugin-import-phpbb
    controller.state,[object Object]
    importer.phase,[object Object]
    importer.progress,[object Object]
    importer.progress,[object Object]

    Verbose doesn't seem to be more verbose initially so I can't see what fails at the start.

    Lastly, I looked at the developer console in Chrome while trying the import. At some point it reports an error trying what seems to be a GET on I run nodeBB through nginx and the error is a 502 bad gateway. Any ideas what can cause this?

  • After some more digging I found this:

    Basically import isn't ready for v0.8.2 just yet but akhoury is working on it. Personally I'll wait for an updated import rather than downgrade->import->upgrade given my trouble with plugins and v0.7.x from npm.

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    @someoneyoulike We have set up instances where the db is not on the same machine as the server (mostly for horizontal scaling purposes, etc.)

    We don't notice any real-world degradation of performance. MongoDB is plenty fast, it's almost never the database (or network connections to the db) that are the bottleneck.

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    found it:

    needs ./nodebb build needs to open dev console to flush cache
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    Wow.. Awesome guess I missed that.
    That did the job, thanks again.