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    So I have an instance of nodeBB running up HERE Which I have been learning and messing around on getting comfortable with after getting the proper setup.

    I have just a few questions/troubles since then.

    I am having trouble importing a DB from an existing forum with the import tool....

    I haven't seen any super clear easy direction on how to get this hosted and forwarded to a domain. And from what I understand keeping the DB on a separate server from where nodeBB lives would be best in production correct?

    Is their anyone here with experience migrating a forum who would like to help out a non-profit! I will pay you what I can in bitcoin! it might only be dinner and beer money but I am bootstrapping here!

    Edit: What about implementing ONEALL's SSO logins from oneall/node-js-sdk ?

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    Hello and welcome to the NodeBB community!

    Are you using nodebb-plugin-import?
    That seems like the only one worth a shot today from what i can find.

    Simply follow the instructions in the README, there are some handy tips there for converting BBcode and such aswell.

    Sure having a separate database server is recommended, but really not needed - you should backup your dumps externally just in case if you don't though.
    If you're going with redis, this may be useful for that cause.

    This probably isn'tthe most helpful post, as i haven't migrated from another software myself, but i'm trying to help in possible ways.

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