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NodeBB Development
  • As my community is mostly based on mobile device, they reflect some mobile issues. I will use this thread to update if there is anything we can help the development of nodebb to a better board.

    • Mobile video is not scaling well, seems like they way it is embedded, not sure if there is anyway to let it scale automatically on mobile.

    • After the reply button is pressed, users report that nothing happen. I did some investigation and realized that it is because the reply box is below at the bottom of the board and hence the user will need to scroll all the way down to see the reply box. Maybe it can automatically bring the box downwards. It will also be cool if this box can be scale-able in a non mobile setting, because when i was trying to write a long post, confining it at a corner did not help much.


  • thanks for the bug reports @quahfamili - please feel free to add issues on our bug tracker here:

    and we'll sort em out as soon as we can - thanks!

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