plugin-custom-homepage wont load

  • The plugin does not show up in the built in search and when loaded from the command line the plugin does not show up in the list of installed plugins.

    npm i nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage
    npm install nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage
    sudo npm i nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage
    sudo npm install nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage

    No joy.

    Is it broken or I am doing something incorrectly?

  • Tried to install Carousel and it too does not show in the list as if it did not install. then i tried searching for a plugin listed inside the forum and install extended-header plugin and it did work.

  • Global Moderator

    More than likely the plugins aren't compatible with 0.8.x. Only plugins compatible with 0.8.x will be shown in the plugin list. This is to stop people installing plugins that aren't compatible. 👍

  • Is there a list of confirmed compatible plugins?

  • Global Moderator

    In 0.8.x, any plugin that appears in the ACP plugin list is compatible. Or if you're on GitHub, in the package.json will be something like:

      "nbbpm": {
        "compatibility": "^0.6.0 || ^0.7.0 || ^0.8.0"

    note the ^0.8.0 part. If a plugin is missing this, it's deemed not compatible.

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