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    @faizanzahid We quoted in the $2000+ range as it involves a couple of changes to various hooks as well as user control panel integration. I believe @MJ decided to look elsewhere 😃

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    @rnovino said:

    @julian documentation is not even clear on how to use the plugin is there any tutorial on how to import the wordpress post to nodebb

    The question would be what your actual question is. I do not want to offend you, but the doc is quite clear for me.

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    @Danny-McWilliams Wow wee bit of a journey you had there. looks like you managed to retain enough of your community though to keep your forums viable which is good going.

    I'm not a football fan (though I pretend to support Motherwell/Arsenal - won't catch me watching them play) but there are a healthy variety of topics with active conversations on your forum.

    Have you had a look for a Wordpress theme centred around forums? I haven't either but there are all sorts of themes on Themeforest, and they rarely cost more than USD $50.

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    We want to migrate wordpress posts as well as comments and replies associated to that post into nodeBB under General Discussion category.
    Please note our wordpress site is multi-site network.
    We have search for the implemented plug-in but we have not found any plug-in.
    So if you know any kind of a plug-in supported for latest version 0.6.0 which fulfil our requirement, please let us know.

    If there is no such kind of a plugin is available we are planning to implement wordpress plugin which migrate posts as well as comments and replies associated to that post.

    To implement wordpress plugin we need REST/MOBILE API. So by using that REST/MOBILE API, We can create topics/comments/reply from outside the nodeBB environment. So please let us know if nodeBB supports such kind of REST/MOBILE API.

    So any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    even more, now the wordpress gallery shortcodes are supported, with the old post ids, i.e. [gallery ids="123,456,789"] shortcodes can be converted to, either, <img> tags, if you want a gallery plugin, you can then use @psychobunny's nodebb-plugin-gallery, or you can just convert the ids to full URLs which then you can use within your own plugin.

    read this section for more details