Persona Mobile Menu Not Opening

  • I created a child theme of persona to make upkeep on the theme over at easier to manage but when the child theme is selected the mobile menu refuses to open but works fine on Persona. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Admin

    Child themes don't inherit the JS. You can include it directly from persona via the scripts tag in your theme's plugin.json

  • I included the scripts but I am still unable to get it to work. Probably something simple I am missing. Could it be that NodeBB is not loading plugin.json?

  • Admin

    Post plugin.json? Also I'm sure you've restarted etc right. Lastly, any errors in browser console?

  • @psychobunny Not really sure what the issue was. I started it again today and it was working. I never touched anything but it works now. Thanks for your help!

  • I did have this to, I fixed it by changing the skin to a random other skin, and then changed it back, and I changed the language to a other language and then change it back. Restarting NodeBB and the menu worked again :)

    Maybe it's helpfull for other members who have the same problem :)

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