Which is the current stable release?

  • I looked in the announcements and the latest I see is for v0.7.3 but I'm currently on v0.8.0 and it's asking me to upgrade to v0.8.1.

    I actually curious though if v0.8.x has been deemed stable or not? I used to see a lot of plugins to install on v0.7.x and I'm thinking of rolling back in order to have those functionality again. I just began looking into nodebb right before v0.8.x was available.

  • @nuchin

    Hey buddy, the current stabled is 0.8.1

    I believe when they updated to 0.8.0 it required plugins to upgrade as well.

    It's not that the plugins don't work they could very well work fine, but just to make sure everyone is on the same page... At least that's my understanding...

    On a side note, you can see who the more active dev's / plugins are

    Hope this helps,
    I'm waiting on a theme upgrade myself.
    FYI 0.8.1 was only put out like 2 days ago if that.

  • Thanks!

    I haven't seen any release notes and when v0.8.0 released, I could no longer log in. Since I was starting from scratch I just created a brand new installation from v0.8.0 but it left me weary about jumping the gun to upgrade to the newest.

  • Always, better safe than sorry on a production box.

    The guys around here are pretty good with support and help..

    With that said, Personally I have 0.8.1 upgraded... The only issue I have is with the theme (Material) I'm running. Usually that dev ( @pichalite ) he is all over updates and bug fix's here, he's really on it. But seems he could be on vacation or something haven't seen him on in a bit.

    Anyhow, I haven't had issues with the other plugin's i'm using going from 0.8.0 to 0.8.1

  • Admin

    I would try and submit a pull request maybe, because I think its a pretty simple change, if you're comfortable with that

  • Another thing that caught me by surprise was that I no longer see the custom pages plugin by @psychobunny probably because it hasn't been updated yet for v0.8.x

    Is there a best way to test out new releases and installed plugins besides cloning the directory and starting a 2nd instance on a different port?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @nuchin said:

    Another thing that caught me by surprise was that I no longer see the custom pages plugin by @psychobunny probably because it hasn't been updated yet for v0.8.x

    It may very well still work on the v0.8.x branch, it just isn't reporting as compatible so it isn't listed. If you want to give it a try, you can npm i nodebb-plugin-custom-pages, instead of installing it via the admin page. It will show up in the page if locally installed via npm.

  • @julian

    Thank you, but I tried to install locally and it does not appear under 'Plugins'. Is it safe to rollback from v0.8.0 to v0.7.3?

  • Admin

    If you can restore the database (our docs do tell you to back up first 😉 ) then yes. If not, well maybe.

    Anyways, make an issue (or submit a pull request on package.json) on the custom page repo for me to update compatibility. I know it works on 0.8.1 so its just the compat string that needs to be updated

    Edit: I'd do it right now but I'm not at a computer so yeah just ping me if it hasn't been done I'll forget

  • GNU/Linux

    I believe many are waiting for version 1.0+ for production

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