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    When a user who's not logged in views a post and it says 'you must login to teply' or views a category and it says 'you must login to post' then if you click login from those links they should retain the page in state (I dunno the non Angular term) or URL parameter, then redirect the user back after performing SSO login or register. Probably regular login too, I dunno, I don't use it.

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    Regular login does do it... SSO it trickier, but has been done in the past (we did it for one of our clients).

    Which SSO plugin were you talking about?

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    @julian nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook and nodebb-sso-plugin-google 😉

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    This would be nice, for Facebook, Google and Twitter.
    Something like adding the Current URL to a variable and then loading that variable after you have logged in. I don't know how all that works but, would be nice. Or would it have to be in a cookie or something.. bla beyond me

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