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  • Clear post history

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    How is the data for post history stored, any tips on making this manual query?

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    This could be for anyone, but for an admin specifically... we are posting some content that some people don't want notifications on. We know which content this is and would happily mark it as "don't notify" when posting to allow it to go into "unread" or whatever, but not to email anyone. Is there any way to do this? Or to suppress notifications for an entire category to basically do the same thing?

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    can you limit the # of recent posts to get via param, say if you only want 2 of the most recent?

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    Actually, as I messed with my NodeBB's installation and broke it, I just cloned it from the repo and then it worked 🙂

  • Blog post re NodeBB

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    That's a very good write up Steve, you should be in marketing if your not already 😮

    LOL I have been for 15+ years now. Mostly corporate/tech companies helping roll out products/services/promotions. Always liked getting involved with the design so I learned photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc. along the way. Now i'm working out of my house freelancing.

    oh cool haha. meanwhile all three of us are out-and-out programmers with no idea on how to market anything 😛

    Been down that road before. Just like programming, marketing is a process. When you guys get to that point of wanting help the 4 of us can all jump on a call and see where it goes.