Registration via Google: failed to fetch user profile

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    I have just installed nodebb-plugin-sso-google plugin

    I have also created a new web app on

    When I try to register via google I see google login page and I can login to google but on the last step I get the error:

      failed to fetch user profile

    What is wrong?

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    yeah same thing for me, I tried uninstall plugins and install back from scratch but now way, what is strange if that on the sso plugins control panel config page parameters are yellow and when I try to save them got undefined, see picture below

    ohhh seems I can't upload picture anymore on this post

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    Ok guys, seems (from my low knowledge about auth) that since 0.8.0 only oauth2 is used ? and I think before it was not mandatory and was working because I didn't changed anything on auth provider (google, twitter, FB) between the upgrade on 0.7.3 to 0.8.0

    So after log investigation I get back on all app config, not it nodebb but on external application for developer on google and adjusted settings :

    • on google dev dashboard I enabled google+ API (it was working without this before, strange) => now works

    Now all seems to auth fine, yeah!!

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    @Charly86 Thank you!

    That solved the problem and it should be mentioned somewhere on the plugin page or on the documentation pages.

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    @prog Hi there,
    Sorry I did not updated this post and crossed my fingers too quickly, it worked fine until expiration of my token (not sure ??)
    I opened a new topic because I' could not log in anymore on my forum (even with local admin),
    Any ideas would save my live 😉

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