Solved Newbie needs help after configuring nginx

  • I could use a little bit of help and would appreciate any guidance. Never built a website or forum before and I had heard NodeBB was pretty simple/easy. I now have a very new appreciation for what web developers go through. Here is my current status:

    Droplet with Digital Ocean
    Unbuntu 14.04
    LEMP stack installed
    NodeBB and support files (like redis) installed
    Domain registered with and DNS set up on Digital Ocean /
    Configured nginx proxy
    Configured config.json

    I've been trying to configure nginx so that whenever you enter the domain it brings up the NodeBB. Except this is what I see after configuring nginx. Before if I accessed NodeBB via Http://IP:Port I would get the standard display of NodeBB.


    Can anyone give me an idea on what is going wrong?

  • Nvm I fixed it! Didn't properly follow the guide at

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