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  • I know this has been requested many times, but this is my personal single most-wanted feature in NodeBB. 1-to-1 chatting is great but group chatting would be killer functionality.

  • There are forks of @Schamper's shoutbox that contain "group" chats.

  • I think he wants to have group chat added to the private messaging, ie. so that you could invite other people to join in on the private conversation you are having with someone else and make it a group/conference chat -> they could see the chat history you've already had in that conversation and join in on the discussion and drop out as they see fit.

    Shoutbox with groups wouldn't quite fill this hole because it could be important that the private message history is saved and I don't see the shoutbox doing that securely, it's not it's original function. Shoutbox is a shoutbox - it's meant for a few shouts and random comments, it's not meant to be the complete chat implementation.

    But I think having a well done group conversation added to private messaging would require a complete rewrite of the existing private messaging implementation.

    I also agree that it needs to be done eventually to get Nodebb up to the bar, but it's probably a lot of work and not a fast patch job.

  • @Scuzz I was referring to the in-built chat feature. If that feature wasn't part of core then I wouldn't be as interested in group chats or chats in general for that matter. But 1-1 chats are there, and without wanting to take anything away from the awesome feature, it feels half-baked right now. If my forum had users (it needs some love), I feel they would most probably ask how can I add friends to a chat convo?

  • yeah i think group chat would be an awesome addition to NodeBB! 😃

  • I am fairly sure this would be our no. 1 feature request as well. Group chats, without it .. it just feels like 2003 all over again. 👍

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    WWW Diplomacy Facade - a Frontpage Manger / Landing Page NodeBB Feature

    How to onboard users when in a registered access only mode.

    If you run a login only forum. A most severe way to stop all crawlers. You lose www visbility.

    While this may protect overall privacy in an iron curtain fashion, you most probably still need something to hook and onboard users to your wonderful NodeBB resource, if it's not run as an internal private platform, for e.g. a corporate entity across branches and continents, then you really most likely still do need to be open somehow to the world wide web.

    One solution, is to stick a wordpress (or similar) frontend in front of NodeBB, and curate and control what the www sees, and offer the NodeBB forum as a big sign-up bonus. However, there are a lot of undesirable aspect to this as a solution, and IMHO is teh sub-optimal solution because:

    increases or split hosting costs requires a different support set wordpress / php is a big attack vector

    Another solution, one which must be the optimal for sake of staying within the NodeBB system and adhering to Less is most certainly More, thus incurring no extra hosting or maintenance costs, would be to have a Wordpress or CMS-lite like feature and manager the creates unique Landing page(s) as an alternative to any of the existing landing pages.

    It's called Facade and it's a NodeBB vapourware or vapourfeature existing in this post, and here is how it might work in a most basic form:

    Facade - Create Unique Dynamic Landing pages In NodeBB

    Can populate landing-page/homepage with existing topics and/or bespoke content Widget expansive layout What else?

    Rambling note: Understandably there is overlap with Custom Static pages for NodeBB plugin (caveat: it's been some time I played with that so do not remember the complete feature set) but in this vision the content can also be also be dynamic.

    If it were then as simple to customise your landing page as you drag and drop categories in the admin panel which is a neat and beautifully implemented feature for organising layout of the categories page, then we're smokin', expand what already works to enable new features, it might mean best path is to take custom static pages into core to roll in more of the above functionality and features.

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    This is related to this:

    We're getting more requests from our users to have ability to view more posts in group pages.


  • Global Chat

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    @julian the screenshots are already, we have also created an issue on github.

    we are not very good in development and not expert programmers like you guys, if we would we would have tried to debug 🙂

    hope somebody helps us in making it compatible.

    @Schamper told us to submit a PR but we tried but we r not able to fix the bugs 😕

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    Looks like its only in 0.6.x

  • Groups Improved Search

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    @julian Good to know, I make that mistake all the time when trying to type julian. #themoreyouknow