Moderators can't lock/sticky topics?

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  • Hi,
    One of our site's Moderators recently informed me that Moderators are unable to lock / sticky (and undo those actions) on our forums.
    I'm not sure whether this is meant to be like that, however I'd personally like to let our Moderators lock / sticky threads as I trust them enough for that.
    Any help is appreciated.


  • Moderators should be able to lock and sticky topics in the category that they moderate. Can you post nodebb version/theme version and make sure that user is actually a moderator in the desired categories.

  • I'm running v0.7.2
    I'll check on my testing account.

    Sorry, after checking through my group's permissions it has seemed to remove all those permissions. My guess would be that I recently renamed my group from 'Mod' to 'Staff'. I think a neat feature would be global permissions, so rather than me having to go through my twenty odd categories, applying all the permissions, I can just give site-wide permissions to a group.

    Thanks anyways.

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