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    I'm aware that the youtube lite plugin isnt offical, but I really need some help here. Suddely, all my youtube videos are miniature:

    Everywhere on the forum. Can anyone tell me why?

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    Well the issue is this line is missing from your CSS

    iframe.lazytube {
        border: 0 none;
        height: 360px;
        width: 640px;

    As for why, I'm not 100% sure.

    Can you try running ./nodebb restart immediately followed by ./nodebb log and seeing if it logs any errors minifying the CSS.

    Can you also check what version of the plugin and what version of NodeBB you are running. Go into your node_modules folder, followed by the nodebb-plugin-youtube-lite/static/ folder and check you have a file called style.less. If this isn't being minified with your stylesheets on NodeBB load, then you will see this issue.

    Also thanks for using my plugin. 🙂

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    Thanks for the personal reply, @a_5mith .

    Restarting initially appeared to fix the issue, and actually has fixed that issue, but suddenly now its turning every single link into an attempted imbed. I didn't change anything, at all, except run a restart, its worth noting.

    It was working, then suddenly over a restart it stopped working, and now its gotten over eagar and is trying to pick up every link as an embed.

    As for nodebb version and plugin version, they are respectively:
    NodeBB v0.7.1.

    NodeBB Youtube Lite Plugin - Installed 0.4.1 | Latest 0.4.0

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