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    Are you sure you didn't sign up for two accounts with two different users?

    I earlier wondered about that so I tried logging in using the alt gmail and was taken to a screen requesting I accept their access to info agreement, as if I were registering. I did not proceed.

    So strong implication is that being signed up under that account was not my issue (though it's not 100% because maybe terms of usage had changed, or due to a long time of inactivity, system requires a re-confirmation procedure).

    Could you try hitting the unsubscribe link in the email you receive?

    Now that's such a good idea, I expose myself as a doofus.

    The most recent email (to secondary account) had two links at the bottom:


    First I tried the alter settings link:


    Interesting, huh?

    Then I tried unsubscribe link:


    I guess we'll see if that eliminates the nuisance emails.

    The existence of the problem however remains mysterious.


    Now, after typing all the above, I notice the link for the alter settings action is simply


    which prods me to try the link with the trailing /settings removed, and I see it's valid, and it shows:


    Well I know from my notes that I was learning to access the site on that date, so apparently I did inadvertently activate that alternate account at that time.

    Thank you, PitaJ. I should have been able to solve this without your help.

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    There's no easy way. What privacy legislation are you referring to?

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    @baris I got the color to change. I see i can also modify othre things. thanks!

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    @wellenreiter Actually the new version is 1.0.0, the new branch is called v1.x.x as you mentioned. This is a big difference 😉