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    @gotwf @dogs thank you for sharing the link. These are helpful, however I am looking for basic information on new features/bugs resolved in the latest release in easily understood format/language.

    The notes mentioned in these threads are too technical and code specific.

    Whereas the kind of notes I am looking forward to , is more like the module and related features. For example:

    Dashboard - I would like to know what new features are added in the dashboard.

    Categories/Sub Categories - any new features/upgrades in here.

    If anyone can share this list with me, it would be really helpful.

    Thank you.

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    Is this possible with just a CSS change, or is it more than that. Because the description is disappearing when making a category into a sub-category, I'm thinking it's more than just CSS.

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    Instead of starting new topic, just thought I would just reply back on this existing topic.

    Anyone? is there a plugin or tweak to show vote up/down button on topic list? And also sort the topics by date added.


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    I don't believe this is currently implemented at this time. However you can manipulate the category.tpl the following way:

    Using the {cid} value, you can explicitly change the CSS based on the category number. Using a wrapper div or whatever you choose. I am currently manipulating div's to change styles and background image per category. This has worked for me. @psychobunny may implement a better solution for this but right now, this is the best way to do it and it works nicely.

    <div class="category-{cid}> ... </div>

    So the class would be .class-#, replace # with category number.
    That's the easy part, the headache would be of course styling per category of course, but hey... :squirrel: it shouldn't be a problem either.

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    Already done? Congrats 🙂