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  • After setting up my favicons, I've noticed some odd favicon behavior. Most notably, it appears to auto-downscale a favicon to hideous levels on the forums, but not the ACP.

    Left is the forum, right is the ACP. See the lack of AA on the left?

    I used a favicon generator to get all the various hordes of favicons required these days, specifically this one:

    And used its generated favicon code in the header. I then tried setting the favicon manually from the ACP to see if that'd fix it. I even tried manually reseting the favicon file, but nothing.

    The weird thing is <url>/favicon.ico looks totally fine and has AA, so somewhere in the forum software its redirecting the fine favicon to a hideous favicon. Also odd is that while the site loads, its flickers between the fine favicon and the terrible one before settling on the terrible one.

    Any advice?

    Edit 1:

    This appears to be the offending tag:

    <link type="image/x-icon" rel="icon" href="">

    So it appears nodebb takes the pre-made favicon and caches it in this form to display. Why? Can this be disabled?

  • Okay, so I fixed it.

    Put the tags in the header as usual, then upload the smallest (16x16 as ico) to the general section. This will be the one that nodebb overrides the others with.

    The others will still work for other systems like android and such.

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