Internal Links on Categories option.

Feature Requests
  • Could we please get an option to specify whether ACP->Category-> CATEGORY SETTINGS -> External Link , can not open a new page.

    if I set the url /category/15/some-category

    it opens in new page, I would like this option please 😄

    Reason for this is you can create a hidden from 'registered users' main category (on front page) and then add subcategories to this hidden category. Then create new subcategories for other people's categories and link them to the original subcategory hidden within that hidden category. Breadcrumb on it will then reflect the general purpose of that category used for others, I know the subcategories thing in lavender is pretty much poorly supported (even the css is poorly designed) but I have a use for it.

  • Fixed, in lavender's category.tpl file has target="_blank" appended to it, fixed 👯

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