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  • I want to implement nodebb in my flask site (python), but I can't find where nodebb is storing user data (passwords etc.). Can someone help me? I'm using nodebb together with mongodb.

    Thank you!

  • I haven't used mongoDB since my very first test, so the collections name could be different now.
    But essentially you wanna do something like:

    db.getCollection('objects').find({_key: /user:\d*$/})

    That's a common find() query over the _key, using a regex matching user:userIDs.
    This gives you the basic user objects, holding name, password, etc. There are other user related objects, though.

    db.getCollection('objects').find({_key: /user:\d*:settings/})

    for example might be of interest. To get the full load, just omit the $ in the first query.

  • Thx for the quick reply 👍


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