Template editing, where is defined {register_window:spansize}

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  • Hi,

    I am trying to edit template, and I see there is a variable which define bootstrap column size, the variable name is:


    How we can define this for our custom template?

    I suppose (and this is what I do) we can just simple ignore it, and remove.

    But this return col-md-12 or col-md-6 for register.tpl (depend if social login are enabled or not).

    Now I don't want left and right, but top and bottom (top social link and bottom register form).

    I can only remove {register_window:spansize} and add my cols class.


  • Hey @kamov, the value is shown here: /api/register, and can be altered in /routes/api.js, I'd imagine.

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    @pitaj Thanks. I just noticed this setting now, although I have looked at this settings page many times)

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    That partial is on all pages that display a list of topics ie /recent /unread /popular and /category pages. You need to create a plugin and add hooks for those pages the hook format is filter:<template_name>.build in those hooks you need to go through the topics array and subtract one from each topic's postcount.

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    @yariplus Thanks, got your idea!

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    You need to write a server side script to go through all the users and update their urls.

    Something like the following should work.

    var db = require('./database'), user = require('./user'), async = require('async'); db.getSortedSetRange('users:joindate', 0, -1, function(err, uids) { async.eachLimit(uids, 50, updateUserImage, function(err) { console.log('done'); }); }); function updateUserImage(uid, next) { user.getUserFields(uid, ['image', 'gravatarpicture', 'uploadedpicture'], function(err, userData) { // do your update here, can check current data from userData user.setUserField(uid, 'gravatarpicture', 'some_new_url', next); }); }
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    @Danny said:

    I have a fairly simple question - is there a permalink that will take a user to their own profile, or even better yet, to the "edit" page within their own profile?

    Oh cool you can use variables. I didn't know that. You learn something new everyday with this. 👍