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  • Hi,
    1 - When we registered on a android phone and we forgot to write the password : there the red error message (the password is too short). But after that : it is impossible to write any password instead. The user had to subscribe on a pc to the platform or to delete all the history of his smartphone.

    2 - On my windowsphone, I connected as an other user to post a message . After that there is not the disconnect button in the menu. I was due to delete all the history of my smartphone to be abble to connect with my own account. Is it a bug or is it volonteer ?

    Thanks for all, Sonia

  • Hi @sonia, thanks for reporting these issues.

    If you refresh, you should be able to access the form again, there should be no need to erase your browser history.

    In any case, gh#3305 is now created so you can track it's progress.

    As for #2, I don't have a Windows Phone to test. 😦 Perhaps someone else can confirm?

  • Thanks for your report, but even we refreshed the error message stayed we could not registered.


  • I think the password fields on the register page need autocorrect="off" autocapitalize="off" autocomplete="off"

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