Meanings of PRIVILEGES / ACCESS CONTROL & Moderate

  • Hi,
    1 - Is there a documentation on the different PRIVILEGES / ACCESS CONTROL (not in the general doc) ?

    2 - Moderation : I would like to moderate the posts of the users; I understood that if a user has a moderate privilege : he will receive each day the new posts of the category on his email and he will be abble to delet it . is it true ?
    What i want to do is :
    1/ When a user send an new post --> I would like to read the message before being readable on the forum. Is it possible ?
    2/ We need to detect any swearwords on the posts : how can I achieve this ?
    Thanks for all

  • This plugin might work for you - to detect and "beep" some words.

    I have not yet installed - on my list of things to try.

  • Great ! Thanks a lot Shri ! I will try it and let you know !
    Do you have any ideas of what moderate give as privileges ? Can we read all the posts of few users before sending ?

    Thanks Sonia

  • Sonia - no clue how the moderation clue works yet. On my list of things to look at.

    Typically we put posts into the moderation queue on our current not-nodebb setup under a few circumstances and I'd like to be able to duplicate that.

    Will update once I've researched and studied the code / plugins a little bit.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Moderators are allowed to edit, delete and purge posts, as though they were the owner of said post.

  • I think what Sonia was asking about how posts can be put into the moderation queue. By stop words, user age/post count, Ip address, a kismet score.

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