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  • why is it that 97% of plugins don't work on 0.70

  • This is actually an issue not just on this platform but other platforms as well: Devs will come in and write some plugins, then the core platform committers make a breaking change, but by that time the devs who wrote the plugins moved on and don't even pay attention to pull requests. It's software, and it happens, esp. since NodeBB is 0.7.x, not even 1.0 yet

  • @BDHarrington7 Wanna bet with me what you say is incorrect? I run 3 Xenforo Forums [3]. When xenforo updates their core...very soon 99% of all addons are updated....that is just the plain truth. Why i want to move from xenforo to nodebb....user interface/usability. But i will quit nodebb because it brings me way too much frustration when it comes to plugins that are not working...even crashing the whole forum. it's not just some plugins do not least 97% don't work. I'm done with it...i have no fun anymore in gives me enormous stress

  • I'm not sure about xenforo, but most of plugins here are written not by devs, so noone can update them except author

  • I understand your frustration, but you don't need to attack me about it. I have my own frustrations about the platform. But the fact is, the versioning is a contract:


    Where A is a major version (basically) guaranteeing compatibility with plugins that are compatible. number changes here are most certainly breaking. Anything at 0 should be considered unstable.

    B is a minor version change, and number changes denote possible breaking changes (under 1.x.x)

    C is bugfixes, but compatibility with dependencies.

    Xenoforo is at 1.5, and has been around for much longer than NodeBB

  • @BDHarrington7 Not attacking you but you got it wrong ;-). I like nodebb but it's not for me as a normal non technical user....i just want plugins to work. I quit nodebb because it gives me headache and no solutions. If i cannot even use a sso plugin because my forum crashes due to old versions i have enough of this. Even the simplest plugins do not work.....unbelieveable. Also cannot understand why these plugins are made available when they do not work properly. I'm done with nodebb!

  • Sorry to hear that @Blue-Orange 😞 I've been keeping tabs on this project for over a year, still haven't ported over 'cause I've been waiting for something stable too (and yes, plugins aren't as stable as they should be). Maybe check in again soon? I'm hoping if momentum builds around it again, the community will thrive and will be a much better experience than any other forum software. Only time will tell 🙂

  • @APXEOLOG well...if he's not updating there is a problem for people like me who just want things to work without not a coder...i am a user who want a nice and neat forum

  • @BDHarrington7 at this point i do not believe nodebb will thrive as it just seems they do not care if their software will be used by more people. If they did care and want to move to the next level and attract more people to use nodebb they should sort out the issues with plugincompatibility ASAP. I hoped to be a proud user but i have more stress of gettting it to work then actually running a forum. I have spent lots of time and money in this but it was just a major waste of my precious time and at this point a big mistake by thinking this was going to be a lot of fun. I even ordered the most expensive theme ever...majestic 5 but it's of no use if i cannot even install a social sign on plugin :-(.

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