Locked myself out of admin

  • Hi everyone,

    is there a way to rebuild the database to its inital state?
    I played around with the admin tools and made myself a normal user by accident. Now I cant get into admin, which is pretty disastrous as I'm the only user.

  • Admin

    Hi @inhji!

    We really should not let users remove themselves as admin... Good suggestion.

    If you'd like to re-add yourself as admin, type this into your console.

    $ redis-cli sadd administrators [uid] 

    ... where [uid] is probably 1.

    To simply reset the database, type in:

    $ redis-cli flushall

  • Admin

    As you can tell, it's pretty easy to flush an entire database. All the more reason to make sure your server is secured! 🙂

    flushall will empty the redis database, which is the default state of NodeBB. When you run the setup script again, it will repopulate the database with the default info.

  • Admin

    This post is deleted!

  • Thanks a bunch, @julian !
    This should probably be added to the Documentation for users who don't know much about redis.

  • Admin

    You're right, it should.

    I'll add it to the FAQ when I get a free minute.

    Note: The next version of NodeBB won't allow you to remove yourself as admin 🙂

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