Checklist to avoid NodeBB forum Downtime

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  • Hey guys! I'm now fully motivated to move out from Vanilla to NodeBB, somehow, I did have a failed community test before and totally gave up on NodeBB for some time to wait for VanillaImporter.

    Few notable things that could destroy your community is a DOWNTIME, no administration, lack of innovations.

    as for avoiding these things I added on my checklists are:

    • down nginx server
    • down database, (redis, mongodb)
    • error in nodebb plugins
    • tried using forever get it to up and running. since i have huge community, i tried clustering and using 'forever app.js' somehow that DONT run other ports i added for nodebb to run IE 4567,4568,45679, it's running on only 1
    • network error (not sure but when there's a network error the nodebb goes down totally)

    Feel free to add your thoughts on the things that 'could' take your nodebb site down.!

  • ./nodebb start is a replacement for forever - if one node goes down it will attempt to restart, and of course, clustering would work

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