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    You might have noticed the search bar integration in the Harmony theme. Similar to Persona, the search bar is omni-present, although it is in a sidebar configuration unlike Persona's top bar (there is no top bar in Harmony as per design spec) πŸ‘‡


    @vladstudio and @baris recently turned their attention to the search page as another potential improvement. The main complaint was that it was difficult to use effectively, as we had a large form hidden via an expanding drawer. The ability to filter through search results was functionally complete, but the user experience was lacking.


    Per @vladstudio:

    The main interface issue I wanted to fix in Search page is that:

    the advanced controls are hidden by default; when opened, they jump at me all at once and occupy the entire screen.

    I wanted to make the following changes:

    make all controls visible by default; make them more β€œgradual”, so that each individual filter takes as little space as possible.

    My assumptions were that:

    majority of users will glance through the controls and discover them, but not use; those who do use advanced controls, will not use all of them, only a couple.

    So I tried to optimize for these assumptions.

    Harmony was updated with a completely re-designed search results page, that puts the content front-and-center while ensuring that you can see each filter applied, at-a-glance.


    While the content creation and consumption aspects of forums are our primary aims with NodeBB (and the Harmony theme as well), archival is an oft-overlooked benefit as well.

    The ability to retain and later find relevant content is paramount to the continued existence of forum-based communities, and it is one that is minimized or outright hidden from the end user on social media.

    Do a web search on any topic under the sun, and more often than not, you'll find a forum topic with a detailed discussion about it β€” not a Facebook post, not a Twitter thread, not an Instagram reel.

    Social media is ephemeral, forums are not. Let's keep it that way πŸ˜‰

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    ace editor no longer shows search input Β· Issue #10143 Β· NodeBB/NodeBB

    possible regression from 890bf03#diff-84af39573b37f23e654b3df80b8ff32116e1f14a8f30907b7c63d2a1bcbe9de3


    GitHub (

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    No, that's not what his plugin does. It just redirects searches in your NodeBB to Google.

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    i want develop a primitive plugin for basic search non-english support (lack in dbsearch with redis).

    I wish very much, good starting points:
    How to scan messages already in front of the plugin (if you refer me to an existing code, please give me relevant line numbers..)?

    Should I build an index somewhere in words (primitive, but better than a comprehensive scan, or not)? And if so how (existing database, with prefix?).

    Thank you very much in advance!

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