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  • I remember reading about how categories will be hidden if users dont have access to see them, etc. Not sure where I read that. Will the new threads be gone from notifications and the /recent page as well?

    What's the ETA on this particular feature/fix?

  • It's an option we're thinking of adding, although it probably won't make it into 0.3.0, as we have some other things to wrap up first.

  • Would love to see this as it kind of defeats the purpose of even having ACL as being able to reading the titles + being able to see the user who posted it could potentially be damning enough in terms of already giving out too much info.

  • Hm -- in which case are you seeing the users/titles? Those shouldn't happen...

  • When you go to /recent

    Without being logged in you can see the titles to posts, see the avatars and mouseover to get the names. Same thing in /unread (well, you have to be logged in for unread but you'll see post titles in categories that you dont have read access to).

    Also you'll be notified if someone @ mentions someone in a private forum.

  • Hm... I believe I fixed the private posts showing up in /recent a couple weeks back. Can you verify that it still happens on latest builds?

    The @mentions would be a bug, yes... can address that one.

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