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    Hi there,
    to avoid spam on my community I activaded email confirmation. Unfortunatly when a user auth with github, github create a fake email like [email protected]. In this case of course user will never receive email and does not even know of this.
    Of course user can change this mail in his profile and send back activation but if he's new he may does not know.
    What could be cool, is to add this tip in the alert message so user will know he needs to do something.
    Of course best could be do disable mail confirmation with github auth 😉

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    Yeah, it would be nice with an account activation feature of some sort 🙂

    Also, how can i see witch sso-plugin was used to signup?

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    I hack fixed google and facebook.
    It could totally be a config setting for the plugin's admin page, I just didn't bother with it

    So look at my changes for auto-auth and copy those into the github one.

    I did it here:

    New users signing up with GitHub get 'email:confirmed' set to true

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    Excellent, I need to try this ASAP 😉

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