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  • Gap in categories

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    Yeah, all the same 🙂 Have just resized them though and all seems ok now. Thanks all.

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    @DanAdair It's very slight, but those are different fonts. You can tell because of the tail in the g and the shape of the b.

    I think we updated the fonts so that they're not Poppins anymore? (or maybe we updated them to be Poppins). That doesn't look like the Harmony theme, though.

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    Hi, first of all, I want to say this is such an amazing project. I really enjoy using it! Thank you!

    So my question is pretty much in the title, I want normal registered user to be able to lookup existing categories and if it doesn't exist yet, allow him to create it.

    I want the lookup experience just like the current tags lookup page here: Filter possible results as user continue entering letters.

    I think the creation of an category is can be easily accomplished with the write API, but is there already tools built for this lookup process? As a starting point I looked at the /api/categories/ and it's giving me too much info, I just want category name ...

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    @julian thanks

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    Its possible to assign a group the moderating power on just one category, However be aware that this will also include other moderation powers such as Forking, Closing and Moving topics.