• I'm looking at a service to create a group, then a category for only members of that group.

    The user who called the service will also become moderator of the category & it won't be visible to members outside of the group.

    I'm using 'privileges.categories.give' to give the group permissions, but I'm struggling with issuing the privileges to a specific user. I've tried using the same function with UID, but no luck ­čś×

    Does anyone have any pointers for this?


  • Nobody has any ideas?

    @julianlam / @psychobunny, maybe you have a suggestion for this?

    I'm stumped ­čśź

  • NodeBB Admin

    Look at the function Categories.setPrivilege in src/socket.io/admin/categories

    You need to add the uid of the user to a specific privilege group with.

    groups.join('cid:3:privileges:read', uidOfUser, callback);

  • Thanks a lot @baris.

    I'll investigate this route.

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