Adding user "Profile Statistics" to poster Avatars on Lavender theme

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  • Hi all,

    We are currently looking for a way to customise the Lavender theme to make the user's Avatar/profile section in Topic View more "gamified" by showing statistics as well as the "Experience Bar" from the ns-points plugin.

    Currently, the theme looks like this when a user posts in a thread:

    but I'd like it to look more like:

    to help show progression, be more visual, etc. Is it possible to customise this through one of the .tpl files or would it require a root change to how the plugin works? Our sys admin says he thought it would require a change to the actual plugin; I thought it might be a matter of just relocating some of the CSS classes to the "profile.tpl" section of the user profile.

    Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated, cheers 🙂

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